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An old man Orangutan in North Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser National Park near Bukit Lawang – a visit here is included in our Premium North Sumatra and Java Land Cruising Tour

Welcome to ‘LAND CRUISING’ – the Premium way to experience the very best of Indonesia

At Better Tours we firmly believe in NO HASSLES holidays. That’s why we are launching LAND CRUISING’ – the new evolution in Seniors touring and travel.

Predictability, comfort, inclusive pricing (meals and admissions), super service, fun, and all the hassle-free convenience of an expensive ocean cruise. Plus some extras of our own like carefully selecxted hotels, regular complimentary laundry services and done-for-you luggage handling.

Instead of a big boat, we travel by plane, by executive class and special trains (350km an hour high-speed or panoramic railcars), and aboard luxury coaches.

Our tours are longer, much more interesting, and sensibly paced.

And they are priced to provide exceptional value.

Our guests don’t spend time sitting in a deckchair with a book, gazing at endless expanses of sea, or joining in contrived activities.

Instead our Better Tours guests view and endless variety of stunning scenery through picture windows, visit new and fascinating places, meet people from different cultures, and see and learn something new and interesting every day.

Instead of cabins our guests stay in some of the best available hotels and resorts – most rated as four or five stars. We choose hotels with fascinating historical back stories that give them a special status, and for their notable facilities or service reputations.

We include almost everything in the upfront tour price except drinks and discretionary personal spending. Our ‘everything’ includes a professional laundry service every three days or so at no cost to you.

It also includes no-cost luggage handling so you don’t ever have to struggle with your bags or fight for space around crowded airport carousels.

And we aim to take care of all the messy details so that you don’t have to – the complicated planning, obtaining visit Visas, all accommodation, all tour flights, all transfers, most meals, all admissions, along with expert guides and empathetic support staff to handle any unexpected issues.

We take health and safety very seriously. Our team members have first aid and resuscitation training, we carry a first-aid kit, and we carry a defibrillator.

We select drivers, tour leaders and support staff for their personality and their ability to mix and encourage interaction. Guests are encouraged to bring their party pieces and best jokes. We like laughter and fun nearly as much as we like comfort.

Tours to suit over 60s

Our tours are designed to suit curious retired and semi-retired travelers. This doesn’t mean that mature younger folk cannot join, but they need to be aware we have done with shooting rapids, scaling mountains, chasing big waves, and rocking and rolling at all-night parties. And we don’t rush.

Our tours best suit mature people who want to experience different cultures and lifestyles, and to learn, understand and appreciate. People who want to see great and famous attractions, but also wander off the beaten track – not too far, but far enough to add another dimension to our experience.

We usually limit our groups to around 22 guests plus leaders and support team. We go to interesting places and meet smiling people who are different, intriguing, refreshing, humorous, sometimes surprising, and, above all, warm and welcoming.

Our focus is the REAL INDONESIA beyond tiny Bali – the stunning other 97.1% of this beautiful island nation that travelers from most of the rest of the world are yet to discover or are too nervous to seek out.

Bali is great and deservedly one of the world’s famous holiday destinations. But we explore the villages, towns, cities, beautiful fascinating places, and the cultural diversity that make Indonesia so different and so interesting. 

The roads less travelled are where the good stuff is. We seek it out. And most importantly, we do it all safely, securely and in COMFORT! 

Exploring the REAL Indonesia

Stunning places beyond Bali

In the world's most diverse nation

Student William Damario Lukito made this beautiful compilation  

Wonders of Wonderful Indonesia in this Tourist Authority video

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Scene of tea gardens in Puncak Pass
Scenic view of Lake Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Aerial view of central Jakarta

The Better Tours Land Cruising Experience

Jungles and cascading streams, rare and fascinating wildlife, traditional villages, iconic natural and man-made wonders, rumbling volcanoes up close, vibrant and colorful cities, and warm and welcoming people – plus quality accommodation and great food.

Safe, hassle-free and in comfort

That's the story of our PREMIUM North Sumatra and Java Land Cruising Adventure ...

Travel Map North Sumatra and Java Tour

NOTE - Tours now commence from Kuala Lumpur and end in Singapore or Bali.

New and different

New places, new peoples and new experiences to inform and challenge – thoughtful tours for mature and thoughtful people.

Interesting and Fun

We don’t just look – we learn, we understand, we appreciate, and we respect. Plus we have plenty of FUN along the way.

Fully Escorted Comfort

Authentic adventure – with safety, security and comfort. Adventure doesn’t have to mean roughing it or taking silly risks.

The kind of accommodations we choose

Dining area Phoenis Hotel Yogyakarta

At Better Tours Indonesia we try to choose beautiful lodgings with character, facilities, traditions, or histories that make them special and memorable – like the Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta (above). Often, they are among the best available places to stay in each location. We believe in COMFORT — adventurous travel need not mean roughing it …

The historic and beautifully appointed five-star Majapahit hotel in Surabaya was built by a member of the Sarkies family who also built the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The Majapahit played a celebrated role in Indonesia’s struggle for independence. This colonial era jewel is so famous it is part of the city’s guided tours circuit.

Prefer to travel independently?

No worries – Be sure to check out the comprehensive advice and information in the articles and pages of our sister website

The articles there complement and expand our content here with reliable, up-to-date and practical information you need for visiting North Sumatra and Java. But if you are new to Indonesia we recommend you consider a guided tour first to help you learn the ropes. You will avoid mistakes and feel much more confident when you travel independently in the future.

Sultan’s Palace Medan


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