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An old man Orangutan in North Sumatra’s Gunung Leuser National Park near Bukit Lawang – a visit here is included in our Premium North Sumatra and Java Tour

Indonesia is reopening

and …

Better Tours ARE BACK

Indonesia has relaxed its COVID border restrictions and it’s likely the Visa requirements will become even easier soon.

This means that the Better Tours Premium North Sumatra and Java Tour program will be resuming from MID- 2023. 


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To celebrate the return of travel we are offering 



 Lodge an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST to get priority. No deposit, no obligation, just an opportunity for big savings.


New high interest, PREMIUM tours for discerning mature travelers

At Better Tours we like to say you will have ANOTHER experience of a lifetime when you explore the REAL Indonesia …. because if you have an inquiring mind it’s likely you have already notched up other special and memorable adventures.

And if you haven’t, then after your first tour with us you will soon be out there looking for more … maybe even joining us once again to explore other fascinating regions of wonderful Indonesia.

Our groups of no more than 20 guests plus leaders go to interesting places and meet smiling people who are different, intriguing, refreshing, humorous, sometimes surprising, and, above all, warm and welcoming.

We explain and help you to understand, truly appreciate, and respect the culture, the history, the society and its diverse customs, values and lifestyles.

We create opportunities for you to make connections with some of the Indonesian people you meet. They may even become realationships that endure for years to come.

We see a selection of Indonesia’s most famous attractions but also wander off the beaten track – not too far, but far enough to add another dimension to our experience.

The roads less travelled are where the good stuff is … the REAL INDONESIA that travelers from most of the rest of the world are yet to discover or too nervous to seek out.

And most importantly, we do it all safely, securely and in COMFORT!

The very BEST of the REAL Indonesia

Stunning places beyond Bali

In the world's most diverse nation

Wonders of Wonderful Indonesia in this Tourist Authority video

Student William Damario Lukito made this beautiful compilation  

So, welcome aboard. Charge your camera, punch your curiosity button and let’s read up, sign up and come enjoy seeing, experiencing, learning, absorbing, appreciating and having FUN!

New and different

New places, new peoples and new experiences to inform and challenge – thoughtful tours for mature and thoughtful people.

Interesting and Fun

We don’t just look – we learn, we understand, we appreciate, and we respect. Plus we have plenty of FUN along the way.

Fully Escorted Comfort

Authentic adventure – with safety, security and comfort. Adventure doesn’t have to mean roughing it or taking silly risks.

The Better Tours Experience

Jungles and cascading streams, rare and fascinating wildlife, traditional villages, iconic natural and man-made wonders, rumbling volcanoes up close, vibrant and colorful cities, and warm and welcoming people – plus quality accommodation and great food.

Safe, hassle-free and in comfort

That's the story of our PREMIUM North Sumatra and Java Adventure ...

Travel Map North Sumatra and Java Tour

NOTE - Tours now commence from Kuala Lumpur and end in Singapore

Mystical, beautiful and more than 1,000 years old – the Prambanan Temple complex is part of our North Sumatra-Java Adventure

Tours commence from Singapore’ ANDOptional add-on packages for Bali and Singapore available

The kind of accommodations we choose

Dining area Phoenis Hotel Yogyakarta

At Better Tours Indonesia we try to choose beautiful lodgings with character, facilities, traditions, or histories that make them special and memorable – like the Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta (above). Often, they are among the best available places to stay in each location. We believe in COMFORT — adventurous travel need not mean roughing it …

The historic and beautifully appointed five-star Majapahit hotel in Surabaya was built by a member of the Sarkies family who also built the iconic Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The Majapahit played a celebrated role in Indonesia’s struggle for independence. This colonial era jewel is so famous it is part of the city’s guided tours circuit.

Peace, tranquility, and beauty in this video by Harry Mateman made at Tabo Cottages Resort, our accommodation on the shores of Lake Toba. Tabo is noted for its Indonesian and international food and even has its own German bakery and coffee roastery to create wonderful brews from locally grown beans.

The Deli River Hotel is an oasis of tranquility in Medan, the busy and lively capital of North Sumatra. Medan and the Deli River Hotel with its Omlandia Restaurant are our base for exploring the North Sumatra region. We spend our first night in Indonesia here. Just click ‘watch on youtube“– Video production by Saidi Alhadi..

Prefer to travel independently?

No worries – Be sure to get a copy of our free INDONESIA ESSENTIALS handbook (form at top of page) and also check out the comprehensive advice and information in the articles and pages of our sister website

The articles there complement and expand our content here with reliable, up-to-date and practical information you need for visiting North Sumatra and Java. But if you are new to Indonesia we recommend you consider a guided tour first to help you learn the ropes. You will avoid mistakes and feel much more confident and competent when you travel independently in the future.

Sultan’s Palace Medan


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