Staying in touch for little or FREE under Indonesia’s new phone rules

Promotional image by Telkomsel – its SIMPATI mobile phone network is Indonesia’s most extensive with services to every province. Indonesia is well and truly wired … or perhaps that should ...
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Motorcycle snatch and ride scene

Why CRIME isn’t a big issue in Indonesia plus common-sense rules for protecting yourself and your things regardless

Not a real robbery but rather a scene from a TV drama shoot – none-the-less be aware that this kind of petty theft can happen in Indonesia and other Asian ...
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Bali Bombings Memorial

SAFETY and SECURITY – Debunking the myth that Indonesia is a dangerous country to visit

Memorial at Kuta in Bali to the more than 200 people who died in the terrorist bombings of 2002. Pic Jonathan Liem – Wiki Commons Many people are nervous about ...
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Mount Bromo and other volcanoes nearby with Mt Semeru in the background

MOUNT BROMO – A surreal other-worldly landscape of volcanoes, mythology and a sea of sand

You may well have already seen images of Mount Bromo and its four neighboring volcanoes without even realizing it. These mighty smoldering peaks belching clouds of smoke through the swirling ...
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Busy scene at Soekarno-Hatta international terminal in Jakarta as tourism begins to recover

Visit Visa revamp – Indonesia rolls out the post-pandemic welcome mat

With Covid-19 restrictions eased, Indonesia airports are becoming busier again – pic Jakarta Post e-Visas available online, and conditions upgraded for short & extended stays Indonesia is at last back ...
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The Yogyakarta Monument in the heart of the city

YOGYAKARTA – Independent exploring

The Yogyakarta Monument in the heart of the city. The then Sultan built a 25 – metre tall monument on this site in 1755 as a direction marker towards Mt ...
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YOGYAKARTA – Must See Highlights

Special places in a very special city that you should be sure to explore Yogyakarta exudes energy from a rich tradition of more than 1300 years of culture, history, empires, ...
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YOGYAKARTA – Prambanan Temples

Mysterious and beautiful monuments from 1,150 years ago ‘AWESOME’ will be the word that immediately springs to mind as you begin to explore the Prambanan Hindu temple complex near Yogyakarta. ...
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MEDAN – Must See City Highlights

Istana Maimoon (the Sultan’s Palace) Medan Medan is a bustling, cosmopolitan commercial and business center and a regional economic powerhouse – it is big, boisterous, cluttered, crowded, noisy, heavily trafficked ...
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SURABAYA – A city being transformed

Unique attractions in an historic city undergoing a remarkable makeover Surabaya is the capital of East Java and until little more than 100 years ago ranked as the largest and ...
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SURABAYA – City of Heroes

The city that helped shape Indonesia’s modern destiny To the Indonesian people Surabaya is Kota Palahwan – ‘The City of Heroes’ – for the sacrifices of its citizens and their ...
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The cool of the highlands with coffee, fruits, traditions and erupting volcanoes Berastagi is where the well-to-do elites of colonial Medan spent weekends and holidays relaxing and enjoying the temperate ...
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