The Yogyakarta Monument in the heart of the city

YOGYAKARTA – Independent exploring

The Yogyakarta Monument in the heart of the city. The then Sultan built a 25 – metre tall monument on this site in 1755 as a direction marker towards Mt ...
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YOGYAKARTA – Must See Highlights

Special places in a very special city that you should be sure to explore Yogyakarta exudes energy from a rich tradition of more than 1300 years of culture, history, empires, ...
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YOGYAKARTA – Prambanan Temples

Mysterious and beautiful monuments from 1,150 years ago ‘AWESOME’ will be the word that immediately springs to mind as you begin to explore the Prambanan Hindu temple complex near Yogyakarta. ...
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Train crossing high viaduct in West Java

JAVA by TRAIN – The most rewarding and relaxing way to experience the beauty of the REAL Indonesia

In our age of budget airlines and constant hurry few international visitors are aware of Indonesia’s superbly scenic train journeys. That’s a pity because they are missing out on  great ...
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Borobudur Buddhist temple in Yohyakarta, Indonesia

BOROBUDUR – From glory, to abandonment, to burial, to rediscovery and world-wide wonder

Borobudur is more than just the world’s biggest Buddhist temple – it also is a special, iconic place with a fascinating story and an aura to match. It’s easy to ...
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