SURABAYA – A city being transformed

Unique attractions in an historic city undergoing a remarkable makeover Surabaya is the capital of East Java and until little more than 100 years ago ranked as the largest and ...
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SURABAYA – City of Heroes

The city that helped shape Indonesia’s modern destiny To the Indonesian people Surabaya is Kota Palahwan – ‘The City of Heroes’ – for the sacrifices of its citizens and their ...
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Mount Bromo and other volcanoes nearby with Mt Semeru in the background

MOUNT BROMO – A surreal other-worldly landscape of volcanoes, mythology and a sea of sand

You may well have already seen images of Mount Bromo and its four neighboring volcanoes without even realizing it. These mighty smoldering peaks belching clouds of smoke through the swirling ...
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Drone aerial shot of Iscenic Idjen Boulevard in Malang

MALANG – Jewel of the Eastern Highlands and rated Indonesia’s most charming and relaxing city

Prized by the Dutch of the colonial era for its mild highland climate, leafy, historic Malang is consistently said to be Java’s most relaxed and charming city. Which makes even ...
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