MEDAN – Must See City Highlights

Istana Maimoon (the Sultan’s Palace) Medan Medan is a bustling, cosmopolitan commercial and business center and a regional economic powerhouse – it is big, boisterous, cluttered, crowded, noisy, heavily trafficked ...
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The cool of the highlands with coffee, fruits, traditions and erupting volcanoes Berastagi is where the well-to-do elites of colonial Medan spent weekends and holidays relaxing and enjoying the temperate ...
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Batak dancers in traditional costume

The BATAK People – North Sumatra clans maintaining a proud and distinctive culture

Our North Sumatra Tour schedule has us on Samosir island on a Sunday and it is programmed as a FREE day – a chance to rest, reflect and truly enjoy ...
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Sumtran orangutan swinging in Jungle trees

BUKIT LAWANG – Orangutans, monkeys, rare birds, jungle, a rushing river and an eco hideaway

To just about anyone with an interest in nature and wildlife, the ORANGUTANG is one of the earth’s truly fascinating animals. Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra is one of a ...
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Expanse of Lake Toba waters

LAKE TOBA – the wonderful legacy of an ancient blast that rocked our world

Lake Toba ranks with places like the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Hainan Bay and the Niagara and Victoria falls as a great natural wonder. It is big (100 ...
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