YOGYAKARTA – Prambanan Temples

Mysterious and beautiful monuments from 1,150 years ago ‘AWESOME’ will be the word that immediately springs to mind as you begin to explore the Prambanan Hindu temple complex near Yogyakarta. ...
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Mount Bromo and other volcanoes nearby with Mt Semeru in the background

MOUNT BROMO – A surreal other-worldly landscape of volcanoes, mythology and a sea of sand

You may well have already seen images of Mount Bromo and its four neighboring volcanoes without even realizing it. These mighty smoldering peaks belching clouds of smoke through the swirling ...
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Sumtran orangutan swinging in Jungle trees

BUKIT LAWANG – Orangutans, monkeys, rare birds, jungle, a rushing river and an eco hideaway

To just about anyone with an interest in nature and wildlife, the ORANGUTANG is one of the earth’s truly fascinating animals. Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra is one of a ...
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Borobudur Buddhist temple in Yohyakarta, Indonesia

BOROBUDUR – From glory, to abandonment, to burial, to rediscovery and world-wide wonder

Borobudur is more than just the world’s biggest Buddhist temple – it also is a special, iconic place with a fascinating story and an aura to match. It’s easy to ...
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Expanse of Lake Toba waters

LAKE TOBA – the wonderful legacy of an ancient blast that rocked our world

Lake Toba ranks with places like the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Hainan Bay and the Niagara and Victoria falls as a great natural wonder. It is big (100 ...
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