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Information about Visa requirements, the currency, language tips, health services, safety precautions, local customs and etiquette, getting around, tipping, changing your money, tricks and scams, electricity supply, phone services, internet services, clothing, weather, shopping … and much more. All in one convenient, downloadable document.

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Key things to know if you want to explore Indonesia


A MUST for first-time visitors

If you are considering a first visit to Indonesia then you have come to the right place. The  FREE Better Tours INDONESIA GOOD GUIDE will answer your questions and provide the reliable, up-to-date information you need to to plan a safe, secure, hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

It has been compiled by our founder Douglas Cole, who lived and travelled in Indonesia for more than 16 years. His passion is to make more Western people more aware of the REAL INDONESIA – its beauty, its attractions, its history and culture and its warm and welcoming people. 

The Good Guide is essential preparatory reading if you have not previously visited Indonesia – it will save you time and inconvenience and ensure you won’t make the kind of mistakes that can quickly sour an otherwise great holiday. It covers the topics that conventional travel agencies and tour operators gloss over (all too often because they don’t really know).

An update for travel veterans

If you have been around the block in Asia and visited Indonesia previously the Better Tours GOOD GUIDE will give you an easily accessible updates on important changes since your previous visit.

As a veteran you will already know just how fast the scene and the rules and regulations are changing throughout the Asian region. And just how frustrating it can be when the things and places you thought you knew are no longer as they were!

The GOOD GUIDE is also an easy way to answer questions from friends, colleagues and families about the places you visited – you can share the GOOD GUIDE with them with confidence that they will be receiving reliable, authoritative, up-to-date and practical information

10 key topics delivered over 20 days

Your GOOD GUIDE comes as PDF attachments dealing with the important aspects of 10 key topics, each covered over three to five pages. A newsletter format and a table of contents make it easy to navigate to what you want to know.

We will email coverage of a new topic each second day – easier for you to digest and we do not want to clutter your inbox.

Consider printing each topic and slipping the pages into a folder as a neat basic Indonesian travel reference … and please feel free to share with friends, colleagues and family.

The information in this series has been drawn from our website at and from a manuscript to be published as an E-book during 2020.

Inevitably situations and regulations change in our dynamic global world.  So as important changes impacting travel in Indonesia arise, we will send you periodic newsletters and advisories to keep you up to date. You can unsubscribe at any time.