The new Premium escorted tour of the world's most diverse and fascinating destination is coming soon ...

Scene of tea gardens in Puncak Pass
Scenic view of Lake Lake Toba, North Sumatra
Aerial view of central Jakarta
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We are soon to launch the:


We planned to commence these tours in 2020, but we all know what happened in March of that year! The COVID 19 Pandemic closed the borders.

To celebrate their reopening and the resumption of travel we are now offering BIG SAVINGS on 2023 tours for all who REGISTER THEIR INTEREST – first come, first served.


You will simply be locking in your pandemic re-opening discount for whatever Premium North Sumatra and Java tour you might decide to take in 2023. No worries if it turns out, once you have all the details, that this tour is not for you – perhaps another adventure another time.  

Batak dancers in traditional costume
Hotel Orangutan Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra

Tour dates for 2023

    • 6 July to 28 July
    • 17 August to 8 September
    • 28 September to 20 October

These dates avoid disruption from Ramadan, the busy Indonesian academic year holidays, and the rainy season. Final dates may vary to take opportunities to enhance your experience.

Family of five on a motor scooter in Bali, Indonesia
Baby Orangutan, Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra
Display of Nasi Padang dishes, Indonesia

An adventure designed for MATURE and thoughtful people

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Our kind of travellers are people who like to set their own deadlines, and then change them when they want to. We don’t RUSH, we don’t do much Rock-n-roll or wild dance parties, we don’t climb cliffs, or shoot the rapids. 

Instead we explore intriguing and fascinating places, attractions and lifestyles on and off the beaten track and take the trouble to see, understand and appreciate what’s around us. That’s what satisfying travel experiences and great memories are all about.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t have FUN –  tune up your smile because in our kind of groups it’s laughter and fun aplenty!

We like to think of it as taking a Premium ‘cruise’ through some of best and most fascinating places in one of the most diverse, beautiful, and interesting island nation in the world with mainly all-inclusive prices. It’s just that we are doing it by plane, train and coach rather than a big boat.


We know many people are fearful about visiting ‘Indonesia’ even though happy enough to visit Bali. But in reality they will be safer visiting Indonesia than if they stayed at home- Read THIS.


Competitive pricing but with heaps more inclusions makes our Premium tour great value. Our rates will be below those of comparable tours but you will get more. Check the details HERE.


We subscribe to the old-fashioned view that adventure travel should not mean roughing it. We choose to stay in best available accommodation, ride in luxury coaches, and eat delicious foods.


Travelling in any foreign country is challenging – the more so in Indonesia because tourism is not yet big outside Bali. We take care of all that messy stuff like Visas, ticketing, luggage, and language.

Tourist looking at crafts on sale in market
Author Profile pic Douglas Cole

As Tour Leader I truly care

G’day. My name is Doug Cole and I am an Aussie transplanted to Indonesia two decades ago. I have been lucky enough to travel widely, and the more I see the more enthusiastic I am about this beautiful country and its warm and welcoming people.

So much so that my mission now is to encourage others to come and discover the REAL Indonesia – the 17,000 plus islands other than the tiny island of Bali.

As Tour Leader I care about ensuring you have the best possible experience, because I care about the way Indonesia has been misunderstood and misrepresented. I am hoping that once you see, appreciate and understand, you may choose to become an unofficial ambassador for Indonesia and its people like me.

This is not really such a big challenge as Indonesia has a habit of getting under the skin of people who spend time here and take a look around – there are even some of us who don’t go home. 

For the record, I have founded this tour, published the website, written a book to be published 2023 under the working title ‘Travelling Indonesia Safely, Confidently and in Comfort.” I have also published a second Indonesian information website – I know the places to see and the experiences to enjoy.

I will say it again – this is one of the world’s most intriguing, fascinating, diverse and beautiful countries. Come see for yourself. If you have any interest in exotic places and diverse cultures, you will be ‘blown away.’

kids playing traditional anklung at Pak Udjo music school show
Crter Mt Bromo Volcano Indonesiia

YEP – This could be of interest.

Please add me/us to the 2023 Tours Register and send more details and pricing information as they are finalized – but please don’t stuff my inbox with junk!

(Promise in advance that we won’t pester you – cross our hearts)

P. S.

Our groups are of 12 to 20 people – enough to meet other interesting travellers and make new friends but few enough to leave plenty of room in the coaches and venues. You will be supported by English-speaking hosts and hostesses, drivers and expert local tour guides.